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MCQ eye
1. What is the main function of the rods in the eye?
a. depth percepton
b. color vision
c. vision in dimlight
d. accommodation for near vision

2.The blind spot of the eye is:
a. where more rods than cones are found
b. where the macula lutea is located
c. where only cones occur
d. where the optic nerve leave the eye.

3. Light passes through the following structures in which order?
a. vitreous humor, lens, aqueous humor, cornea
b. cornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous humor
c. cornea, vitreous humor, lens, aquous humor
d. aquous humor, cornea, lens, vitreous humor.

4. Which of the following is NOT a possible cause of conduction deafness?
a. middle ear infection
c. otosclerosis
d. cochlear nerve degeneration

5. An accident patient found that he could not easily detect sweet, sour, or salty substances. Which cranial nerve was probably damaged?
a. facial
b. glossopharyngeal
c. vagus
d. trigeminal.

6. The oval window is connected directly to which passageway?
a. external auditory meatus
b. pharyngotympanic tube
c. scala vestibuli
d. scala tympani.


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